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Jordana Sands is a renowned psychic, life coach, relationship expert, columnist and author of, "Envion". What Would You Be Doing If You Did Not Know Your Age?" and the TV She, "The Psychics" and "How To Recognize Your Soulmate Across A Crowded Room At A Boring Cocktail Party". Jordana's knowledge of human nature, her psychic ability and her ability to communicate has made her popular with radio and TV Interview Show Hosts. Her books, articles and lectures are fascinating and fun as they are informative.

Jordana's knowledge of her subject, her zest for life and her unique sense of humor touches all, and her clients and audiences cannot help but be revitalized with a renewed sense of purpose. Speaking engagements have included The United Nation's wives of the diplomats, senior centers in and around the New York area as well as appearances at numerous charitable functions, psychic fairs and expos. Jordana has a private practice as well as corporate, and leactures on various motivational subjects. Jordana lectured and ran workshops for 5 years at The East Side Community Center in NYC until its closing.

Jordana has a long history on radio doing New Year predictions every Dec 31 for over 10 years. Jordana is a frequent guest on a number of radio and TV shows and been on news show, Johnny Rivers and Don Williams of chanel 4 fame, John Gambling, DaVore and Diana radio show, Jow Franklin TV & radio,, Bob O Brien show, Nameless Radio Show. Jordana reads those who call in and on TV reads the audience, demonstrated writing analysis, tarot, face teading and once in a blue moon a message from the other side will come through. Jordana says she is not a medium and a spirit has to practically knock her over the head to get her to hear or see them. She says if they want to come through it is all up to them. She is completely amazing reading tea leaves and coffee grinds. which is a favorite at many parties.

Jordana has enjoyed an unusually broad and diversified background in the creative arts. Her artistic career began in childhood, as a dancer, actress and singer. She has performed on stage, screen, nightclubs and the concert stage. Her repertoire has ranged from Puccini to jazz and her theatrical experience from Shakespeare to comedy. Sands became aware of her psychic abilities in her teens. Jordana says she has been reading people since she was 17. Jordana has a psychology background and is known as a psychic relationship expert and has written numerous articles, books and lectured on the psychic sciences for a number of years.

Jordana's has expertise in tarot, palm. graphology, numerology, rune stones, clairvoyance, psychic drawing, face reading, psychic art, the pendulum. Her psychic impressionist face painting is phenomenal and her psychic portraits have made her a favorite of the celebrity world. Her psychic paintings hang in numerous collections around the world.
Sands is former editor and publisher of Prophesy - Your Guide To The New Millennium newsletter

An accomplished painter, her visionary paintings have been sold in galleries here and abroad. Jordana signs her paintings Jordan. Jordana is no stranger to the media and has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio shows as well as appeared in many columns including NY Post's Cindy Adams.

Her book, "How To Recognize Your Soulmate Across A Crowded Room At A Boring Cocktail Party" discusses such topics as self-preparation, energy and magnetism, body language, men and flirting, the sixth sense, face reading and more. Jordana considers her book a guide to helping readers understand their own personality as well as other individuals personalities. In beginning the process to overcoming shyness, Jordana says that invisibility has more to do with a woman's inner energy, her over all attitudes as well as how comfortable she is being where she is, and how comfortable she is wearing what she is wearing.

 Favorable advice like this will only help readers find that special someone. Readers will thank Sands foresight as they eventually find themselves in the arms of their special someone.

Jordana's handbook "WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU DID NOT KNOW YOUR AGE" is considered by those that read it to be the best hand book on how to live a happy and successful life.

by Cindy Baker, Press Release Coordinator