New Apple has been organizing shows, parties, dances, fund raisers, films, art shows, concerts etc for a number of years. Through these years we have met many people who have asked us if our productions are suitable for singles and if it was easy to meet people at our functions. Yes, it is easy to meet people through New Apple. Most, but not all of our attendees are single. All ages..usually 21 years of age on up into the 70's. We are adding more and more singles friendly functions to our present group of parties and dances. Most of our gatherings are free of charge though some have entrance fees.

Currently We are hosting a series of parties, shows, functions etc, ….. Mostly for singles of the 3 age groups …… Our  pilot  based on the craziness of dating and partying in the singles communities is in the can. We filmed a party made up of all three groups. It is hilarious and shows how necessary our soul mate connection concept is a necessity for those seeking a meaningful relationship.

 The actual matching will be based on numerology and astrology. We have a ton of fun friends involved with us in this project. All those who want to be included in the filming aspect of the party will have to sign a release before they can become of the show. Releases will be available at each party. People will be given badges with their first name, life path number and birth sign. Down the road we will hold special invitational parties where soulmate books will be distributed or sold.